New Shellac album, early 2007

shellac.jpgHeard the good news yesterday that Shellac will soon have a new record out, and it’s about time. “_The celebrated underground producer’s band, Shellac, will break a six-year recording hiatus with Excellent Italian Greyhound, which is tentatively penciled in for an early 2007 release from Touch and Go Records. The album will be the act’s first since 2000’s _1000 Hurts (Touch and Go).” From reading up on them I learned more about the guitars Steve Albini perfers, ones by Travis Bean which are pretty rare and “…featuring machined aluminum necks (an unusual design that provides incredible sustain, also used in Veleno and early Kramer guitars) running through the instrument body.” You can see the distintive ’T’ in the headstock to identify them (see picture), and ‘The Wedge’ bass was a staple of Tim from Silkworm for many years. More history on Travis Bean, as well as an unofficial fan site, are out there; pretty interesting. As if on queue, just last week I found a nice sounding boot of their show from ATP in 2002, mp3 sourced, but still a very clear listen once you have it on a hifi, and not just some computer speakers. I last saw Shellac in 1995, so it’s been some time, but I listen to their cds quite a bit; they wear nicely. Let’s hear it for noise.

Shellac “The Guy Who Invented Fire

(live from Camber Sands, UK @ All Tomorrow’s Parties - 04.20.2002)