Math and Physics Club

Math and Physics ClubMuch like The Lucksmiths, The Isles and Voxtrot, Seatle’s Math and Physics Club put forth a Smiths rendered pallet as seen through a Belle and Sebastian filter, and it sounds nice. I think Pitchfork summed it up, without as much name dropping, really well; “The Seattle quintet’s self-titled album should get some warm looks from a new generation of tender-hearted, bookish music listeners. Following a pair of solid (if by-the-book) 2005 EPs, Weekends Away and Movie Ending Romance, MAPC’s full-length debut dusts off another 10 brazenly sweet songs of quiet heartbreak, late-summer acoustic guitar, reverb-laden Rickenbacker, tambourine, and occasional violin. “We’ve been down this road before,” bespectacled singer/guitarist Charles Bert croons softly on “You’ll Miss Me”, and it won’t take twee kids long to play spot-the-influences. But, in the words of distinguished Australian forebears (and labelmates) the Lucksmiths: “Once more won’t hurt/ So let’s do it once more.” So RIYL the above mentioned bands, or if you want a break from all things loud, check this out.

Darling Won’t You Please Come Home


Weekends Away


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