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I heart music

Here’s a relatively current picture of my front closet at home, with my custom/built-in cds shelves running floor to ceiling. Yes, I have a lot of cds, but note that this composite picture (roughly pasted together with The Gimp) doesn’t show the ~300 that I’ve pulled for sale/trade in. I’ve been shopping for cds since 1985, and I used to really enjoy hitting used stores all around the St. Louis Metro area. Once I moved to Austin my shopping focused a bit more thanks to Waterloo Records (sigh), but then the used powerhouse Cheapo hit town; they had so many used cds constantly coming in it was insane. Now I’m a regular at Euclid Records, browsing the racks and barking out special orders non-stop. While I haven’t seen the number of rawk shows that I used to, I still needmoresongs! Some call it a sickness, but I contend it’s just part of the therapy.