James Brown is dead

James BrownWhile it’s old news now, legendary soul singer James Brown passed away early in the morning on Christmas Day in Atlanta. He was 73. I found it funny that there was an article out yesterday stating that James Brown may ultimately have been more influential than Elvis. Uh, may have been? WTF, think about which artist brought his own sound, his own moves, his own songs to the people, and then re-ask that question. His 103 singles on the R&B charts can speak for themselves as well. Pitchfork has an awesome writeup of his life, including many early details that would shape his life. The self-proclaimed Hardest Working Man in Show Business kept to it, as days before his death he was handing out toys for charity, with a New Year’s Eve concert scheduled. Speaking of bringing it to the people, here’s a rather comical but informative write-up about viewing Brown’s body as it laid in repose at Harlem’s legendary Apollo and the ensuing environment that surrounded it. For now it’s time to slap 1963’s LP Live at the Apollo on the iPod for a reminder of his greatness. For more complete coverage, _Star Time_ is in order. James Brown, rest in peace (and make it funky).