Spam levels mysteriously fall 30 percent in a week

SpamThis is an amazing statistic, particularly after knowing how much email was just spam as of last month, the level of spam is down 30% from last week. “After rising steadily for many years spam levels have mysteriously dropped 30% in the first week of January. According to SoftScan the most plausible explanation is that a botnet has broken down and lost control of it’s zombie computers. Other possible explanations have been put forward including a large number of infected machines getting replaced by new computers received for Christmas or spammers being isolated by the Asian earthquake. Both explanations are considered unlikely. Spam accounted for almost 9 of 10 emails in December. Diego d’Ambra, SoftScan’s chief technology officer, said that governments will probably be forced to take a tougher stance on spam due to the sheer volume of the problem.” That would be amazing if they could tie it to people getting new computers over the holidays and finally shutting down their trojan based messes. Of course it’ll just be a matter of time until their systems get back to that state and they start complaining their computers are ‘slow’ (wonder why?).  I’m sure buying a new computer next year will solve that.