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10 steps to becoming stress free

into our lives. We always have more to do and less time to do it in, this causes stress, but what to do about it? See if the following give you any good ideas. Here I’ll list the 10 suggestions, read more for the list with descriptions and examples.

  1. Start by saying no.
  1. Simplify your day.
  2. Clean your workspace.
  3. Change your surroundings.
  4. Light your office properly.
  5. Surround yourself with happy people.
  6. Sit back and relax.
  7. Take a break.
  8. Eat healthy.
  9. Exercise.

And here’s the list with the descriptions and suggestions from the article.  These are good ones, and I already have some in place; to do list, eating healthy, exercise (yoga, though I need to do it far more than once a week), take a break, etc.

  1. Start by saying no. Everyone is making demands upon you during this festive time of year, but you do not have to agree to everything. Your coworkers are begging you for favors, but you have a deadline on a project. Saying no every once in a while to give yourself some room to breathe is definitely the first step to keeping your sanity.

  2. Simplify your day. The easiest way to make sure everything is getting done is to make a “To Do” list. Add new items as demands are placed on you and prioritize. When you finish a task, mark it off the list. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to keep track of your work by doing something so simple.

  3. **Clean your workspace. **Clutter can make anyone stressed out and uncomfortable. Take time each morning or afternoon to tidy your desk or office space. This can eliminate distraction and clear your mind to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

  4. **Change your surroundings. **Decorate your office with all the items that make you happy. Spread the holiday cheer and put up colorful decorations that make you smile. Make sure that you do not shove your religion into the faces of others when doing this. Find neutral holiday decorations if deciding to go this route.

  5. Light your office properly. Bad lighting can cause unnecessary eyestrain and increase fatigue. Fluorescent lighting can also be tiring. If you do not have the luxury of having your own office with a window, try turning off the overhead light and bringing in a lamp from home.

  6. Surround yourself with happy people. Distance yourself from negative office gossip and people that drain you of energy. Create a positive network of people in the office that smile and lift your spirits.

  7. Sit back and relax. Set aside a few minutes in your day to sit back and just breathe. Take a few minutes after lunch or a couple in the morning to meditate or delve into some office yoga.

  8. **Take a break. **Sometimes you just need to step away from your work for a moment to free your mind. Make a point to get out of the office every day if even just for a short walk outside or to go out to lunch. You can also be productive without being in the office – try scheduling different locations for meetings, or attend a seminar or community event.

  9. Eat healthy. It is so easy to grab a snack from the vending machine or hit up a fast food restaurant at lunch just to save time. Instead, try packing a healthier lunch the night before. You do not have to go on a diet to eat healthy. Just cut back on foods that can leave you feeling drained, such as sugars and carbohydrates. You may want to also pick up a multivitamin. Drink plenty of water – it is recommended that you drink half of your weight in fluid ounces a day. Eat plenty of healthy snacks – this speeds up the metabolism and keeps you from overindulging at lunch.

  10. **Exercise. **Quit making excuses and set aside some time for exercise. If you do not currently have an exercise routine, now is the time to think about one. Start by asking friends what they do for exercise or maybe even a personal trainer at a gym. When all else fails, use the most valuable source available to you – the Internet. Think of it this way – your new exercise routine will work really well with that New Year’s resolution that we all promise ourselves every year.