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1-31-07 Never Forget!

has great coverage of the image, and it’s use as a tshirt design; it looks like this is really going to happen! “…Cause we are the Aqua Teen (Hunger Force)!” As for all of the knee-jerk reactionaries in Boston that brought on this craziness (which didn’t happen in the other 8 cities this PROMOTION, NOT HOAX was set up in), I only have to say this, “we are not bombs” (credit goes to some dude on Digg.com that proposed this for a tshirt - hey, I’d buy one). For the two that got caught in this dragnet, props for giving the best press conference on 70’s hairstyles I’ve ever seen. More on this as soon as soon I talk to Fry Lock, meatwad, Carl and Mastershake (in that order) to get their side of this. Oh, and you can see the trailer for the movie that this was supposed to promote, here.