Jon Stewart to appear on Jack's Big Music Show

Jack and Jon StewartOne of the best kids shows out there today is Jack’s Big Music Show. Plenty of sing-along songs that I and my kids keep singing, even after the show is over. Jon Stewart, a parent himself, is going to play a news reporter character, and I’m sure it’ll be a hoot. “Feb. 2 episode, there’s Jon Stewart (Brunk Stinegrouber of the Groundhog News Network, in a nifty earflaps hat) trying to coax a frightened Gertrude the Groundhog out of her home. Gertrude gets a little inspiration from the Schwartzman quartet, but it’s not enough. Not till Jack and his friends sing a song about the first day of preschool (“I Can Do It!”) does she muster the courage to face the press, who want to know if she’ll see her shadow. There’s also a special ditty from Steve Burns of Blues Clues fame, along with the Flaming Lips’ Steven Drozd, “I Hog the Ground,” (Cuz I’m small/And I’m brown/And I hog/And I’m brown.) that contains a guitar riff the Ramones would be proud of. A Feb. 10 show is set to feature Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines as Sudsy Bubblestein, a professional dog washer and stylist.” So they’ve got all sorts of based covered there. If you’ve ever seen old Blues Clues, you’ll barely recognize Steve Burns, but I’ve seen the video they’re talking about above, and it’s great. The two also hooked up on Burn’s solo debut, Songs For Dust Mites.  Oh, and extra credit if you’ve seen Jon Stewart in Elmopalooza like I have!