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Current Sxsw band lineup now at 503

Blah, here’s an updated list of the now 503(!) bands scheduled to play this years’ SXSW music festival; and these are just the ‘offical’ bands, over the years there’s been more and more day shows that were mainly free, so you could see a ton more than we used to over the 5 days/nights. I used to go every year, from 1995 to 2004 - so to miss it for 3 years hurts. Ah, it was so much fun to go to in the earlier days; venues packed, discovering new bands multiple times a day, shopping at Waterloo Records with a crowd that made it feel like Christmas in Spring. It was the trip in 1995 that convinced my girlfriend and I to make the move, and we have never regretted it. Bah, if anyone hits the Emo’s Free Friday afternoon Pitchfork show, please down a Lone Star tallboy while standing at the outdoor stage in the Texas sun for me….sigh. One of these years I’ll be back!