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Fitness experts endorse Wii for health benefits

has released results of a new survey into exercise and video games, finding that technologies such as Nintendo’s Wii “may prove to be just what fitness experts are looking for to help their clients get more active”. Dr. Josh Trout, Professor of Kinesiology at California State University Chico, who specializes in video game technology and exercise movement, is cited as saying: “Exertainment and home video consoles are the wave of the future.” He continues: “Exergaming can provide excellent health benefits, but so can a Stairmaster, lifecycle or treadmill, if you do it. If a person has chosen a sedentary lifestyle, there is not much a new technology is going to do for them. On that note, exergaming, and exertainment, is an excellent way for getting kids hooked on physical activity, producing good exercise habits that can last their lifetime.” The survey of the association’s members has them asked about possible health benefits and risks related to the use of ‘exertainment’ technologies implemented in such consoles as the Microsoft Xbox, the Sony Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii. Nichole Snow, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and avid gamer, was one of the more in-depth respondents, advocating Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution along with her fellow trainers as “…definitely more of an aerobic game - I see kids all the time enjoying it and losing weight - I think they gain a lot of aerobic exercise without realizing it.” She also noted of Nintendo’s new console: “The Nintendo Wii will show benefits for everyone. Whether you can sit down for the game or you have to be standing, it involves movement. The best part is its just fun - for everyone. De-conditioned and obese individuals will find it fun to play and gain aerobic movement out of the games. Seniors can enjoy gentle movements of bowling and golfing. Youth become a part of the game and don’t just turn into vegetables in front of the TV.” She concluded her comments by noting: “Everyone can burn some calories and learn some good health habits from Nintendo Wii’s fitness, and the system is just too hard to pass up__when watching anyone play.