Retirement community holds a Wii bowling tournament

Wii BowlingThe blog Popcandy has a great article about a retirement community is holding Wii Bowling tournaments! (hit the link for video of the fun too) The Wii is amazing, and it’s becoming the revolution it promised to be. This has to be my favorite story I’ve read in a long time, and it hits home. My Mom who is 65 came over add had a blast playing, so much so that she wants one for her own. The poster that said this should have happened a long time ago said a mouthful; game companies trying to out-GTA each other have left out a huge section of people and created the ‘non-gamer’ group themselves. Now Nintendo picks them up! So my kids (4 and 6 12), my Wife, my Mom, mii (of course) are having so much fun with this. “A retirement community engaged in a Wii bowling tournament. The seniors got hooked during the holidays, when they sampled gifts residents were giving their grandchildren. Some retirees stayed up late at night playing Nintendo games, and a tournament soon followed: Residents at Sedgebrook, an Erickson community in the Chicago area, gathered for a bowling tournament recently. Find out how much fun they had playing ‘their granchildren’s game’ and discover who won for high score and high series.