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Global warming: 51 things we can do

Time has an article about 51 things we, along with scientists, businesses and governments, can do to slow global warming and cut carbon emissions. “Here is our guide to some of the planet’s best ideas” This is getting more and more press of late thanks to Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvienent Truth, and regardless of what you think about that, thinking longterm for our environment helps EVERYONE! While we’re on the topic, to keep in this mindset and come up with new ideas, visit EcoGeek and Treehugger; both fantastic sites.  I’m now researching how I can get started with solar panels on my roof along with all that it entails to either directly power something, or to contribute to the grid.  What are you doing to help?  At the very least we should all get a free energy audit of our homes via the local electric company.