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I’ve been a Lala member since November 2006 (I wanted to wait awhile before I came out and recommended it) and it rocks.  (takes on a Dr. Cox voice) Look, here’s the deal, you create a profile, and then a list of cds you have that you are ready to trade, and then a list of cds you want. Lala sends you the envelops and cd cases for shipping, then you sit back and wait for cd ‘orders’ to fill and mail off (ala Netflix), and then watch your list as others send you cds. You pay 1$ a CD plus .75 cents shipping; with .20 cents of every trade going to the artists, via the Z Foundation that they’ve setup. So far I’ve traded, and gotten, 32 cds, all but 3 of them were in great shape, the other 3 are playable, but pretty scratched up. You get to note that once you receive them, so they have you covered there.  It’s been a great way to try stuff that you’re on the fence about, while distributing old stuff you don’t want to people who do want it.  You can view my trade/want list here, then if you’re interested go there, read the fine print and sign up if you want.  If you mention I recommended you I get a free tshirt, and with my so-so concert showing status of late, I can use all the new shirts I can get! Rock on.