Wedding Present to Recreate George Best

George BestLongtime (since ~1988) fav band, The Wedding Present, are set to recreate their classic CD from 1987, George Best_  _live this fall.  “To mark the 20th anniversary of its George Best (Reception Records), the band will hit the road in a special tour where it’ll play the 1987 album in its entirety. Not content to stop there, the act’s tour will stop off in the same towns that the band originally visited when promoting the album.“  While that doesn’t sound like they’ll make it over here, it’s still pretty damn cool to hear about them doing that.  I’ve had the good fortune to see them 5 times, David Gedge always amazes me, and I’ve spoken to him before/after sets a few times now.  If you don’t have any Weddos CDs, start with the very accessible Bizzaro, or the Steve Ablini recorded (chosen because David loved how the early Pixies releases sounded) masterpiece of Sea Monsters.