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Virginia Tech

or other mental issues, and you just have a ticking time bomb. That’s my take, I’ve made this post to say, look, if you have issues, PLEASE get help and seek treatment. Tons of people take meds and go to regular therapy to deal with issues, it’s not like you’re alone; I’ve been doing both for years now, and feel much better that I’m dealing with it this way instead of the way the person did on at Virginia Tech earlier this week. I think things are getting better in this regard since I’ve seen people’s willingness to talk about it becoming more common - because of this I know plenty of people going through the same stuff. Don’t think things will just ‘get better’ on their own, if you’re sad, or in an unusual state, talk to a doctor and get help, please. Not that I have much to offer, but I’m around if anyone is ever in a situation like that and needs advice/support/whatever. fak3r at fak3r dot com

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