Sicko: The one film you must see this summer

SickoLike him or not, Michael Moore is back with Sicko, his documentary on the failing health care system in America, on June 29th. Seems he’s made a strange, but very powerful, ally in the fight to get his movie seen; Oprah. “_Michael Moore will appear on Oprah on Tuesday June 5th where he will present, for the first time on television, scenes from his new film, Sicko.” Oprah will interview Michael about the movie and the attention it’s receiving before its release. And get this — the theme of Oprah’s show is _“The one film you must see this summer”_ Apparently, Oprah loved Michael’s film and wants to make health care for all one of her main missions this year_.” Personally I think it’s about time to rethink how profits and peoples health balance out in the US. Be sure to checkout the trailer too.