HOWTO: Jimmac mouse cursors on XP

Jimmac mouse curorsSo the only thing I don’t love about my new job is the same old thing; you have to run Windows XP on the desktop. Yeah, I’ll give it a bit more time before I really start pushing to run Linux on the desktop, so until then it’s my ongoing struggle to get XP to work the way I want it to (ie- more like Linux). One simple way is to install the excellent Jimmac mouse cursor theme that’s the default for the majority of Linux distributions. Jakub Steiner (aka Jimmac) is the famous designer of this set, and with a 3rd party app called CursorXP , it’s a snap to get them into XP. First grab the Jimmac theme created to work with CursorXP, then Download and install CursorXP and get into its config menu, which is a new tab under Settings > Mouse. From the drop down list choose , point it to the theme and you’re done. You wouldn’t think a change of mouse cursors would change the feel of a system so much, but these do; I feel more at home. Even if you’ve never used Linux you’ll still love this cursor set, try it, it’s all free.