Moozaget: search for music online

Moozaget logoAh, just what I need, another new way to get more music online; Moozaget. This one seems to employ a special search with specific options that I used to have bookmarked, for example it will search for “Index of” servers, in other words ones without websites, just a bare directory listing. If you do a similar search on Google you’re clogged with fake sites, misleading meta words and porn links. It seems they’ve just created a search for mp3s that uses Google’s Search API to filter out the junk.  Nice.  You can do all sorts of this kind of stuff, looks like someone took this to cover all types of files on Searchable.  Only thing is that leads curious/nefarious folks like me to search for things like “passwords list” and come up with stuff like this and this pretty quickly.  If I didn’t have a job I’d have more time to poke around in stuff like this.  Moral is, everything can be searched for if it is (or if it has been) on a system that has internet/web access.  Wake up and smell the coffee.