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All your data are belong to Microsoft

,” and more._” If that’s not bad enough, read on…

Later more possiblities are revealed, “A word processor may display a banner ad along the top of a window, similar to a toolbar, while a graphical ad may be displayed in a frame associated with the application. A digital editor for photos or movies may support video-based advertisements,” the patent application says. … An e-mail client may specify that ads from competitors must be excluded, that its own display client must be used… (that) no more than 4 ads per hour are allowed, and that only text or graphical… advertisements are supported.” The patent makes no mention of any method by which an actual user might exert control, nor does it mention very real privacy or security concerns. That’s okay. It’s still a good thing. It says so right in the application: “The ability to derive and process context data from local sources rather than monitor interactions with a remote entity, such as a server, benefits both consumers and advertisers by delivering more tightly targeted advertisements. The benefit to the user is the perception that the ads are more relevant, and therefore, less of an interruption. The benefit to the advertiser is better focus and a higher chance of conversion to a sale.” Incredible! I love how it’s such a bonus for us consumers! This is a huge deal…I’ll bet that soon we’ll see systems with ‘rebates’ in exchange for your use of such software; everyone wants a deal so it’ll sell and your leisurely time you used to spend with your computer will be gone. So much for productivity, and privacy.