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80G Black iPod classic FTW!

UPDATE: Hold the phone here, before going too gaga over the new iPods, it’s been revealed that they’ve been ’re-engineered’ to lock out folks trying to sync their iPods using 3rd party apps, or (gasp) Linux! That’s right, they want you to use ONLY Windows or OSX and iTunes…this is ridiculous. See my post on our sister site Left to chance to learn more. This is what we talk about when we say Digital Rights, we can’t give them up now and expect to have them in the future!

If you didn’t see, hear, or read the announcement on the new iPods, go to Apple now and check them out. While refreshing the entire line, they made the (useless in my opinion) shuffle different colors, the Nano shorter and fatter (to allow for video), re-branded the traditional looking iPods to iPod classic, and revealed the hotly anticipated iPod Touch, basically an iPhone without a phone, but with Wifi and Safari. All in all, very cool, but the Touch is just silly, it seems far more the novelty/status symbol, with the real sweet spot for me being the iPod classic. They did away with the shinny plastic (that only serves to collect scratches) of the old iPods for brushed metal, and it looks very cool in the silver (white?), but for me, it’s Black FTW! Damn that’s nice, and here I am listening to the latest release from The Shins (name dropped because it’s such a great CD) on my old 20G click wheel! I have tons of music at home, so larger capacity would be nice, but damn, with that much space I could slap vids of unreleased live shows I’m gathering via bitorrent, and even shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Yeah, that has me written all over it (no, I would not get my name engraved on the back, still trying to think of something witty I would put on there though…‘you don’t have to kick it’ would be nice!)