Scammers (not) showing heart by donating to charity

DonateThis is interesting, apparently to test out stolen credit card numbers, scamers are donating small amounts to charities to verify they have a working number on their hands. “In the world of carding, where stolen credit card information is bought and sold, carders need to know if the credit cards they are buying or selling can actually be used. It is sometimes difficult for them to verify this without raising any alarm bells and risking that their cards will be identified as stolen and disabled. As a consequence, a new trend is appearing. Carders attempting to verify that a stolen credit card is legitimate and active have begun donating money to charity. By attempting to pay small amounts of money to various charities, including well known charities such as the Red Cross, carders can determine if a stolen credit card is valid depending on the success or failure of the transaction.” Ah, nothing is scared online, nothing. I wonder if they report their donations on their taxes? (joking)