Music that stands the test of time

TurntableCarrie Brownstein (former Sleater-Kinney guitarist) now has a great blog on NPR called _Monitor Mix__.  _A recent post talked about her learning what bands were important to her father over the years, and it leads to a question I’ve always wondered, what music that is important to us be as important for our kids when they grow up?  In other words, what will make the jump.  I posted a comment, and the submission form wouldn’t let me post it!  I’ll try again later, but for now I’ve put it here.  What bands are important to you, or were growing up, that you can see making the jump to the next generation? “_Carrie, Great post, music is so personal to people, it’s impossible to tell why things stick and why they do not (but in Collective Soul’s case I’d vote for ‘repetition’). I’m more interested in your comment: _

“Who we recall a year later, or a decade later, are only a handful of the bands who exist at a given time. […] Or who was the Collective Soul of previous decades?” That’s what I’m after, what will stand the test of time, free to be judged by unbiased listeners who can’t tie the music to the time that it first appeared. My kids, ages 7 (girl) and 4 (boy) are my ongoing research project on this topic. While my daughter was initially groomed on The Beatles she’s now under the Disney spell (hey, we’ve all been there at some time) but she regularly hears everything we do, likes the Dixie Chicks, as well as some Jazz (Monk, Coltrane, Bird, Roach, et al) at times, but in the long run I think she’ll be better off for the base we’re still providing. As for my Son, he fell hard for The Ramones early with almost no prompting. It makes perfect sense, they’re basically kids songs in that they’re so simple, they’re all fun and full of energy. Yeah, he has a Ramones poster in his room and wears the faded tshirt handed down from his sister; so he knows he’s cool (he and I do a punk rock dance while the disc spins). He’s also into The Pixies, The Clash and They Might Be Giants, again, from all the music we listen to these are the ones he’s requested copies of (we burn it, let him trash the CDR, repeat). So while that’s fun, my long term question is; what music that is important to me make that jump and be important to them when they’re my age, 38? All I’m doing is providing a large base for them to grow on and then decide on their own. It’ll be fun to find out, but hey, I’m in no hurry to find out. Thanks”