Neko Case on NPR

The New Pornographers liveDamn, it seems that NPR has a continuous thing for Nico Neco (uggg, I still spell her name wrong), I mean Neko Case, as they have gone out of their way to showcase her most recent album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, Her continued recording and touring work with The New Pornographers and now even boasts a full concert of her playing the Disney Hall in LA from November 16th (props to scooter b for the original tip).  Hosted by Alex Cohen, the show is a available on NRP’s music site for download or podcast.  While The New Pornographers style is straight up, fun, power-pop, Neko’s solo work is steeped more in bittersweet country and gospel, however she seems to combine both on her solo shows, which I have not experienced in person.  Her prior release to ‘Flood’, was the strong live effort, The Tigers Have Spoken.  TNP are a different story, I’ve seen them twice and they’re even more fun in person than they releases hint at; highly recommended. Give her a listen.