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Do the collage - the art of Bob Pollard

On December 9, 10 Robert Pollard had his debut art exhibit called Do The Collage (a play on the title of Guided by Voices 1999 release, Do The Collapse) at Studio Dante. in New York City.  Now the entire exhibit is online (but note the person pictured at that link is not Bob), and  it displays the talents of Bob’s cut and paste collages, much like the sound of his band’s early recordings.


Some of these images will be familiar to GbV die hards, as Bob’s artwork adorned many of the cds, LPS and singles that GbV put out over the years.  Additionally, the above shows up as a prop onstage when he tours with his current band. Of course with all things Bob Pollard, the quality is there, despite the quantity that you sometimes have to wade through; persistence and patience will pay off, keep digging! Having said that, if anyone doesn’t have Alien Lanes or Bee Thousand, you’re missing out on some of the best rock from the early 90s. Here’s another salty salute to Bob! Kick it…