New Rambo film most violent yet

Sylvester StaloneOh yeah, just in case you thought us American’s didn’t stand for anything anymore, out of the chute comes a newly reworked Sylvester Stallone (who directed and co-wrote) the new “Rambo” , out to prove that we’re still number one in over the top, mindless violence!  “_The new Rambo film is the most violent yet - with more than two on-screen deaths every MINUTE. There are a total of 236 “kills” in the 93-minute-long action flick, which has just been released in America - an average of 2.59 each 60 seconds. In the first Rambo film, 1982’s First Blood, just one character lost their life, according to a chart compiled by terrorism expert and author, John Mueller. The fourth installment sees Vietnam War veteran John Rambo - Stallone - trying to free a group of Christian missionaries who have gone missing in Thailand. Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Mike Thomas wrote: “How violent is Sylvester Stallone’s new “‘Rambo’ film? “Put it this way: If you were to make it a drinking game and then take a slug of booze each time someone buys the farm, you’d either become monstrously drunk or possibly dead yourself from alcohol poisoning by the time the end credits roll. “Beheadings, disembowelment, exploding bodies, decomposing bodies, raping, torturing, hanging — you name the most depraved level of man’s inhumanity to man (and woman and children), and it’s most likely represented onscreen._”  Makes those Abu Ghraib photos look so quaint!  That, plus Stallone shows us all what it takes to be tough, plenty of plastic surgery and some good old fashion HGH (human growth hormone).  Gather round kids, be proud of your freedom, and our apparently innate manifest destiny to go forth and pillage!