Back up

Our DSL went out last Friday, and didn’t come back up until yesterday…frak.  I’ve hosted all of my websites on homebuilt servers for over 7 years now, and I love doing it, but when the temps change or some phone repair guy plugs something in wrong, we’re down.  It’s never the internal wiring, it’s never our ISP (the still wonderful Speakeasy), it’s always something funky with the line.  This time they had to send out a new modem before they could dispatch the phone company, and being that it was the weekend I couldn’t get it until Tuesday, so that was that.  Oh well, at least no one got hurt - and I could still get my email (and that’s one of the main reasons I stopped hosting email at home).  And with what we pay for DSL to have the static IP so we can run servers, the 250$/bonded T1 that they offer starts to look pretty attractive.  Get that, pop one of the old routers in an outdoor box attached to some small solar panels and start building an open network to blanket the neighborhood.