First ever Record Store Day rocked!

The Mountain Goats \"Heretic Pride\"So, as I mentioned earlier, last Saturday was the first ever Record Store Day, and yeah, it rocked. I took the whole family down the street to our local Euclid Records, where tables outside the store hawked BBQ and cheap cds, with a crowd inside buying records, cds and enjoying local bands rock out. We just missed The Bottle Rockets, but did catch Finn Motel, which featured a neighbor on drums, who we didn’t know was in a band or even played drums! The kids claimed it was too loud, but really enjoyed seeing a live band again. It was very cool that there were so many kiddos there, I love seeing that, and my daughter even picked out a cd she wanted after listening to it on one of the kiosks in the store. I picked up the current Mountain Goats cd, my wife opted for Liam Finn’s debut offering, before heading out for some grub outside of the shop. The staff seemed to really enjoy it, and I was sure to give Joe (the owner) a thumbs up and a ‘thanks’ for the years he’s helped fuel my addiction. Views from shop employees can be found on their blog.  A favorite picture from that blog shows an employee playing DJ while The Bottle Rockets get set up on the stage behind her.  Notice the vinyl, and the resurgence of turntables in the background!