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4 reasons why Macs are moving into the enterprise

on my production server.  What kind of support do I need from IT?  Gimme an IP and a gateway IP and I’m all set.  So, in conclusion, I believe four reasons for Apple’s success with people using more Macs at work is due to the following reasons:

  1. x86 processor which allows the bridge to those who still think they need Windows.

  2. Microsoft’s epic fail with Vista has frustrated users to no end, witness the stay of execution XP has recieved from Dell.

  3. Apple’s awesome design sense, which cannot be duplicated, puts it in that “wow, gotta have that gadget” bucket

  4. and lastly (and maybe to a lighter extent) the fact that Darwin is a Unix derivative, so geeks can use it and get the same thrill they do via Linux.  I’ve seen this not only on my trip, but to the annual DefCon, where Macs are shown alongside the blocky black laptops of yore.

Look, business is like everything else, to survive it must evolve.  Plus, choice is freedom, which makes it an inherint human desire.  Wouldn’t you rather work somewhere that allowed, and TRUSTED, you to work with whichever OS you perferred?