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bloxtr.com - the network is the computer

Haven’t we seen this before?

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Tired of lugging that heavy laptop around? Today’s Web site lets you take your computing online, and access it from anywhere. Bloxtr is completely free, and offers a familiar Windows-like interface; complete with an office suite, games, and accessories.

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Don’t have a laptop? Try the virtual computer!

K. Ansar and P.P. Ismail, final year computer science students at an engineering college in Kerala India, have set up www.bloxtr.com, the prototype of a virtual computer in which you can store all your important documents, favorite music, colorful pictures and even videos.

The idea is that no one needs to carry a laptop or pen drive around. You can upload any files to the website and access it from any corner of the world. What you need is just an interface to access the internet.

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According to the creators, bloxtr is just a project and they are hoping for investment by corporate firms for the further development of their prototype.

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