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Moore, Internet Archive, PLoS, Flickr in San Fran

I’ve gotten my pictures online from my San Francisco trip.  The city was everything I always hoped it would be, and I really loved it there.  I had the opportunity to meet with diverse people that all intersect with various aspects of my job (now being refered to as my career).  From The Moore Foundation (the most amazing workspace I’ve ever seen) that provide us grant money to do our research to other non-profits partners like Internet Archive, The Smithsonian, Califonia Academy of Science, Public Library of Science to some of the folks that run the servers and dream up new ideas at Flickr (they use MySQL shards, Squid and memcached all over the architecture to navigate all that data - so I’m on the right path!)  The best part was meeting more people like me who are learning how to deal with and distribute all of this life data that just increases daily, the fact that I’m using my skills that I learnt by doing things like…running this blog, to do things on such a global level is an honor.  And fun, lots of fun!