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iPhone activation nightmares

iPhone with Super Monkey BallWow, it sounds like this wasn’t thought through too well, apparently Apple requires you to activate your new iPhone at the store you buy it from. On a normal day this should work out alright, but not on today, with the rash of people snapping up the new model. “Problems with the iTunes server caused some enthusiasts who had waited in line for hours to walk out of the store unable to use their new iPhones, according to the disgruntled customers. “I’ve got two phones on me and neither of them work,” said Adolfo Peralta, a Brooklyn resident who lined up to purchase the iPhone 3G at 6:30 a.m. local time for the 8:00 a.m. SoHo store opening. “I have to go find a pay phone to make a phone call.” Ouch, so apparently the employees couldn’t activate the phones since they couldn’t connect to the iTunes server. “All of the systems are down,” Perillo said, adding that she had finished two crossword puzzles while waiting for her iPhone activation to be complete. She said employees were shutting down some computers at the store to try to fix some of the problems with the iTunes network the store was experiencing. Apple requires customers to activate the iPhone 3G in stores where they were purchased. This was not a requirement for the original iPhone, which was released a little more than a year ago.” Sounds like the most fun was had at Apple’s swank SoHo store where the backlog forced people to snake around the block. Damn, I think if I wanted a new iPhone I’d just wait until tomorrow…would be awesome to play Super Monkey Ball on too!