TIDL: mock turtleneck shirts

Mock turtleneck - fail!It’s time to start up a new feature, an outlet for my critical eye that I call things I don’t like, or TIDL for short. To kick things off I’ll start with mock turtlenecks. The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines them this way: _mock turtleneck __Function: __noun _Date: 1966  1 : a collar that is lower and usually looser than a turtleneck and is not turned over 2 : a garment with a mock turtleneck, while a Wikipedia entry paints them with the same brush as a polo neck shirt.  So they clearly fail as a turtleneck, so what’s the point? They look lame, and I suspect most people who wear them are unaware of this fact, so please, pass it on; mock turtlenecks are on the list of things that I don’t like!