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Credo mobile: eat yr iphone

Since its introduction, my beef with the iPhone has been obvious; buying it ties you to AT&T, a company that violated the law, and the rights of its customers, by allowing and assisting with the illegal wiretapping and data-mining for the NSA.  Keep in mind, there were other phone companies asked … but AT&T is the one that said yes.  So if you want to put your money where your mouth is, be like me and consider Credo Mobile.  Their recent promo postcard (seen to the right) has a permanent place on my refrigerator, so I’ll wait until they sell Android based phones, or support an Openmoko phone (drool) to get rid of my ancient (aka- 1 year old) cell phone.  The copy on the flip side of the postcard tells it like it is; if you’re paying AT&T for anything, you’re contributing to the current administration.

Sorry to say, but the political action committee at AT&T contributed the maximum amount allowable by law to the Bush/Cheney campaign — twice. So, go ahead, check out your mobile phone company. And then check out the mobile phone alternative you can trust. It’s called CREDO Mobile, and it’s mobile phone service that stands up for your values, brought to you by Working Assets.

On the other hand, if you’re happy with your mobile service just the way it is, accept this photograph as your gift from a real, ahem, Richard.

To get your phone in line with your values, click here.