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The ongoing hypocrisy of the Republicans

This shows what I hate about the conservative “right” - blatant hypocrisy.  As usual, The Daily Show highlights these … let’s say shifts of opinions, with recent videos that show them playing both sides of the issue, depending on the subject. If it was a liberal issue, they’re all over it, if the EXACT issue comes up with them, it’s off limits and we’re the “angry left” for bringing it up! Just watch a few minutes here, you’ll see what I mean.

Meanwhile Politico.com takes on the “liberal media’s” questioning and reporting this week in a commentary titled, Why the media should apologize.  “On behalf of the media, I would like to say we are sorry. On behalf of the elite media, I would like to say we are very sorry. We have asked questions this week that we should never have asked. We have asked pathetic questions like: Who is Sarah Palin? What is her record? Where does she stand on the issues? And is she is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? We have asked mean questions like: How well did John McCain know her before he selected her? How well did his campaign vet her? And was she his first choice? Bad questions. Bad media. Bad. It is not our job to ask questions. Or it shouldn’t be. To hear from the pols at the Republican National Convention this week, our job is to endorse and support the decisions of the pols…”  After all, why should the media ask questions to get facts for a story…damn liberal bias!