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A free Gorillaz album released

Gorillaz ‘The Fall’

Over** **the weekend,** GORILLAZ JUST POSTED** their new album _The Fall_, which was mixed and recorded using Damon Albarn’s Apple iPad during their recent US tour, for free. You can currently stream it (for the price of your email address) on thefall.gorillaz.com - or download it from file-sharing sites, linked to by good chaps such as 2dopeboyz.com. Additionally, a physical release of the album is planned for 2011, bringing to mind the first large scale attempt at this when Radiohead released In Rainbows. If this is a trend I fully support it, and think it’s (one way that) music will be (successfully) distributed in the future.

MORE DETAILS from the elusive Gorillaz on this effort…

All tracks written and performed by Gorillaz using the iPad and additional instruments: Korg Vocoder, Ukelele, Microkorg, Omnichord, Moog Voyager, Melodica, Guitar, Piano, Korg Monotron. Except track 13 written and performed by Gorillaz and Bobby Womack. Recorded between Montreal and Vancouver over 32 days on the Gorillaz North American Tour 2010


01 PHONER TO ARIZONA Recorded in Montreal on 3rd October 2010

02 REVOLVING DOORS Recorded in Boston on 5th October 2010

03 HILLBILLY MAN Recorded in New Jersey and Virginia on 10th and 11th October 2010 Additional Guitar: Mick Jones

04 DETROIT Recorded in Detroit on 13th October 2010

05 SHY-TOWN Recorded in Chicago on 15th October 2010

06 LITTLE PINK PLASTIC BAGS Recorded in Chicago on 16th October 2010 Additional Keyboards: Jesse Hackett

07 THE JOPLIN SPIDER Recorded in Joplin on 18th October 2010 Additional conversations with: Darren ‘Smoggy’ Evans

08 THE PARISH OF SPACE DUST Recorded in Houston on 19th October 2010

09 THE SNAKE IN DALLAS Recorded in Dallas on 20th October 2010

10 AMARILLO Recorded in Amarillo on 23rd October 2010

11 THE SPEAK IT MOUNTAINS Recorded in Denver on 24th October 2010 Stream and forest recorded in Santa Fe on 25th October by Mike Smith

12 ASPEN FOREST Recorded in Santa Fe on 25th October and in Vancouver on 3rd November 2010 Additional Bass: Paul Simonon Additional Qanun: James R Grippo

13 BOBBY IN PHOENIX Recorded in Phoenix on 26th October 2010 Vocals and Guitar: Bobby Womack

14 CALIFORNIA AND THE SLIPPING OF THE SUN Recorded in Oakland on 30th October 2010 Train station announcement recorded at LA Train Station. Additional conversation with: Darren ‘Smoggy’ Evans, Mick Jones, Jamie Hewlett and Tanyel Vahdettin.

15 SEATTLE YODEL Recorded in Seattle on 2nd November 2010 Featuring the Archie McPhee Yodelling Pickle. Copyright 2008 Archie McPhee and Company www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Yodelling-Pickle.html