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New trends in computer hardware

While the trajectory of consumer laptops and desktops is obvious in consumer publications, the behind the scenes systems, such as the Industrial pc has continued to become smaller, more reliable and more power efficient. Embedded Systems handle a variety of application ¬†environments, with single board computers comprising of the majority of the silent, always on systems. Many run in a fanless configuration, which means not only less heat and noise, but less power and generally more reliability as there are no moving parts to wear down or break. Industrial ODM / OEM embedded computer systems & embedded motherboards can feature custom BIOS to address virtually any need, with some now offer lifetime guarantees of seven to ten years.¬†Industrial computers can include everything from a PDA (aka tablets), or a panel PC, workstation, a rack mounted server or even a laptop. These devices are handled as any regular PC, so they can connect to other servers and devices over media such as RS-485, cellular networks, Ethernet, Most are fully RFID ready and built to stand up to water, dust, temperature extremes, shock, and vibration. In effect, industrial computing provides the tools and functionality of a standard computer, with the benefits of being able to stand up in harsh environments and without needing user interaction. Without such options the computing landscape would lack systems to go where most wouldn’t dare go